The Chiquibul National Park, Belize.

The Chiquibul National Park (CNP) is a protected area within the Maya Mountains of Belize, Central America. It is considered a biodiversity hotspot, providing a healthy habitat for many rare and endangered species

In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in illegal activities threatening the long-term eco-function and biodiversity value of the CNP.

MAYA 2020 was launched in January 2017, as a UK-Belize collaboration specifically designed to combat these illegal activities and support the parks conservation management by Friends for Conservation and Development. 

Maya 2020 is endorsed by:

By utilizing state of the art technology, implementing enhanced law-enforcement techniques and encouraging sustainable alternative livelihoods for local communities, Maya 2020 aims to halt all the illegal and destructive activity within the park boundaries by the year 2020.

As a Queens Commonwealth Canopy inititive, Maya 2020 is a member of a network of similar forest conservation initiatives throughout the Commonwealth. 

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