MAYA 2020 takes a 'campaign' approach to solving the complex challenges facing the Chiquibul National Park, carefully sequencing multiple lines of action. There are two main complementary strategies. The first bolsters the capabilities of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) to deter illegal activity, while the second incentivizes behavior change in individuals & communities currently impacting the forest in a negative way.

Enhanced Ranger Operations

Implement INNOVATIVE technical surveillance

To automate and radically increase detection rates, enabling the interdiction of illegal activity with more precision, safety and timeliness.

Equip with all-terrain, low-impact off-road vehicles

To increase mobility and enable a quicker, safer, more effective response.


To support safety and operations, enhancing routine and emergency communications in forest areas not currently served by radio or mobile phone signal. 

Establish the FCD Forest Ranger Training Academy

To ensure a consistent and high standard of professional ranger training, through a unique program that aligns the human and technology elements to set a new standard in forest protection.

Alternative Livelihoods Progammes

Inga Alley cropping

Encourage 'Inga Alley Cropping' as an alternative to slash and burn agriculture, providing sustainable sources of food and revenue. Learn more about the success this exciting initiative has experiences in Northern Honduras.


Teach local artisans and craftsman to produce musical instruments from salvaged illegally logged or sunken timbers in association with Kits Guitars from Cornwall in the UK.

Please go to www.kitsguitars.com for further information

chewing gum production

Develop one of the historically important non-timber industries in the Chiquibul in association with www.chicza.com from Southern Mexico.